Area 51

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A remote detachment of Edwards Air-force base, deep inside the Nevada Desert, USA! For many years the United States Government denied the very existence of ‘Area 51’ many theories exist as to the experiments carried out there, some believe the US State Department and the CIA have captured Alien life and imprisoned them at Area 51. Countless sightings of “Unexplained Flying Objects” (UFO’s) have been reported in the skies surrounding the base, perhaps there really is Alien Life kept a secret, deep inside the Nevada Desert. In July 2013, eight years after a ‘Freedom of Information request’ was filed in the US Supreme Court, the CIA was finally forced to acknowledge the existence of the base for the first time!

The only admittance ever released by the US Government is that the base is “Classified Top Secret” due to the the testing there of “Experimental Weapons & Aircraft” Many say, everything above ground is a ‘front’ the genuine base is a mile underground!! The fact is only a small handful of trusted Government Agents really know the truth surrounding ‘AREA 51’ You are a group of friends invited to a College Reunion at a remote Resort in Nevada. You spent the night before gambling in Las Vegas, perhaps you stayed awake a little too long and slept a little too late but now you are making the 80 mile journey to the reunion and night is closing in! You have stumbled off course missing a turn, unknown to you, you are now heading away from the resort and towards ‘Area 51’!! 17 years ago on that very evening, the sky above you was alight with such brightness it appeared to be daylight. People living over 20 miles away reported bright yellow glows over the horizon with dark objects breaking through the light intermittently. The brightness lasted for hours, too bright even to look at directly and when the darkness returned and night fell about were you are now, all was not the same!


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