The Secret

Do you have what it takes to find the Chalice & escape alive? (Level 4)

Game Description

You are a group of professional Cartographers!
One of your group member, Atulya Paul, grandson of the famous explorer, Dr. William Paul has suggested a meeting to discuss a Journal written by his grandfather in which he documented his adventures none more famous than an expedition to Peru undertaken by him many years previously!
He has chosen to meet at the famous Jehingar Museum at St Mary’s Mount. Dr. William Paul had been the curator there until his untimely death 20 years previously???

During his illustrious career Dr. Paul had made many startling discoveries but none more so than the Aztec Temple deep inside the Mesoamerican Jungle which had lain hidden for over 1000 years!
Inside a hidden room at the temple, Dr. Paul discovered a treasure so rare and valuable, a Chalice which whilst made of Gold bore no precious stones or decoration but was said to bestow mythical powers on he who drank from it!
Returning to India with his most famous find, Dr. Paul appeared a changed man!

He shunned all contact with his friends and associates, he spent every hour researching his find. He refused to put the Chalice on display at the museum claiming it would bring disaster to not only the museum but to ‘India’!
He hid the Chalice, leaving the only clue to it’s whereabouts in a secret map!
Less than one year later Dr. Paul was found unconscious on the rocks at Band Stand from where, it was said, he had lost his footing whilst walking and crashed into a prolonged coma.

Dr. Paul had maintained a diary of his adventures, a subsequent examination of the journal revealed he had feared for his life and that forces were out to claim the Chalice as their own and with it, all the power it bestowed. It was this Journal the group had come to examine!

His death was shrouded in mystery, his family believed he had been murdered by those seeking the Challace.
Atulya spent many hours by his grandfathers bed side, on one such occasion, Dr. Paul briefly awoke from his coma. In almost his dying breath, he confided to his grandson that all would be revealed by the Map which, he stated very clearly, “he had made safe in London” he gave Atulya a key and a small cloth bag and with that final action he was gone!

Dr. Paul had never visited London or even the UK. Had he meant the Map and been sent to England or had he meant “London had come to India”??
Atulya Paul had assembled his friends to solve the puzzle, they needed to find the map, as professional Cartographers, they would be able to de cipher it!
The Map would lead them to The Chalice and an answer to the mystery of it’s powers.

Your group is met at the museum and has been led by Atulya to an elevator. He is carrying a small Jute bag.
Inside the elevator he reveals the key for an otherwise unused lock. Turning the key anti clockwise enables the elevator to descend instead of rise through the three known floors of the museum. As you descend Atulya returns the key to the chain around his neck, he explains that the elevator works on a time lock and will ascend in exactly 60 minutes. If you are not in the elevator, you are trapped below ground with the key meaning no one else can send the elevator down for you and no one else knows of the secret floor buried underneath the museum.
As the door opens you step in to a new world, you are in ‘London’ a London hidden deep below the Jehingar Museum!

You and your friends have stumbled in to a strange world. Something unknown is here deep below the streets of Mumbai.
Have you taken a huge risk and can you escape the room alive within the one hour? What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and you have only 60 minutes to find the Chalice and stay alive!

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